every body . I would like to introduce myself as a Technical Artist with true love and passion for 3D-Animation. I believe in technology and I am always ready to adopt it.......... I am self learner ready to share knowledge with others.
main skills are Rigging , Effects ,Mel,Fur,Hair & N-cloth.
Other skills are Animation,Modeling ,Lighting/Rendering Technique with conceptual learning.
Hobby Cricket , Net Browsing , Writing Ghazal-Hazhl-Poetry...

Feel free to mail me any time !!!!


A big thanks to Mr. Siju Thomas (Director/Mentor/Guide & Many More) for inspiring me & A big motivator, friend Mr. Satyajeet to make me enter in animation industries. Thanks to Mohamed Mihoss ( Slovenian ) student but learn lot from him & for forcing me to create blog and share knowledge with others....


Dennis Jensen  -  Looks cool :) I think you should add a link to my site: www.poly-face.com

Hi Mr. Rahman

My name is Sebastian from Colombia. I´m watching your tutorial of the rigging of the luxo Lamp. I was unable to download the base Maya exercise... Is any way I could download this great exercise.

Thanks for your Help... Its good to see well done exercises outside USA and Europe. India Rocks!

Kind Regards

Dear Mr.Rahman,
I'm a Japanese student studying about Maya.
I found your excellent rigs on your blog, and  I tried to Download your Snake rig.
But there is no files in the free server you use.(It's no longer valid, maybe...) 
I'd like to use it to create a short movie for the play of my friends' little troupe in my University in Japan.
If it is OK, I'd like to Download your Snake rig.
Thank you for reading my poor English.
I'm waiting for your reply.
Yuka Yamazaki


I am planning to make a short based on decoit in villages..
for this i need textured horse...
but link from site is not working..!
Can you provide me that..??

Thanks and Regards,
Gaurav Joshi