every body . I would like to introduce myself as a Technical Artist with true love and passion for 3D-Animation. I believe in technology and I am always ready to adopt it.......... I am self learner ready to share knowledge with others.
main skills are Rigging , Effects ,Mel,Fur,Hair & N-cloth.
Other skills are Animation,Modeling ,Lighting/Rendering Technique with conceptual learning.
Hobby Cricket , Net Browsing , Writing Ghazal-Hazhl-Poetry...

Feel free to mail me any time !!!!


A big thanks to Mr. Siju Thomas (Director/Mentor/Guide & Many More) for inspiring me & A big motivator, friend Mr. Satyajeet to make me enter in animation industries. Thanks to Mohamed Mihoss ( Slovenian ) student but learn lot from him & for forcing me to create blog and share knowledge with others....


                                          Dynamics Book


Arrow falling


Workshop on Dynamics

Candle flame







Fun Effects
Multiple Goal
It is the example of multiple goal objects. where a single particle is connected with multiple goal objects. Goal weight is keyed for each target object one time only one object goal weight value is 1 others are at 0 . For variation turbulence is added so it will not allow particles to jump from one target to other.Then particle is replace with animated insect...
Sketching with Particles
This is a particle effects a directional emitter is used with little spread which is attached to tip of the pencil. Particle is collided with the surface with high friction & zero resilience & conserve.Pencil is animated with motion path.......
Paper with N-Cloth
Thick Liquids


This is one of the easiest effects to create called domino.I made one domino and it is placed with equal distance by duplication & snap shot along the animated path.Then all domino is made as active body & floor is made as passive body & gravity is connected to it so once it collide with other it will not fly in the air.For the ball it is active body & initial Velocity & initial spin is added so it will roll & collide with first domino. Rest will automatically happen.Gravity is connected to the ball to so it will not fly after hitting the domino little dampness is added to ball so after hit it will loose the accelerated energy.....


This is soft body candle particle weight where painted from 1 to 0.4.At bottom it has high weight so no deformation top is 40% weight.This gives the variation for deformation. Turbulence field is connected with different phase & random magnitude to get variation in movement. For Turbulence filed expression is written on its position so it keep on changing its noise kind of expression so no repeating position should happen.

Multiple Instance:

This is multiple instance where i have taken 4-different butterfly and each butter fly wings are animated with expression with random magnitude.particles are instance with butterfly.Uniform filed is added for the movement of particles & conserve has kept low for the particle so it will not get accelerated. Turbulence field is connected for randomization with position when it is moving. Random selection Expression is written to randomly select the butter fly & random scale expression is written for scale variation.


This is n-cloth Mat.Where i have made ball as passive collide and key frame animated.For n-cloth i made ground friction high and bounce to zero.Added little noise to it to get sliding movement.And added FUR to n-cloth for fur i created 3d-paint texture with different color mapped to to Fur base & tip color......


This is n-cloth effects.Air field is animation with Train,Turbulence and Noise frequency is keyed for variation and over all gravity is connected to make leaf fall on ground.cloth constrains are connected to leaf so it will not move in the beginning & when movement is needed glue strength of constrains is made zero so it do not have any effects.The leaf which are not moving has high glue strength.


Missile has three type of appearance such as inner fire , fire and smoke.For inner fire i added a conical shape geometry with complete white color.So in post it can be changed to needed color.For fire & smoke i have used single particle and ramp is used for color variation from fire to smoke. It is connected to particle life so according to its birth to death the color will change.radius expression is written to change radius of particles from start to end its a random expression each particle has different scale. Gravity is connected to pull the particle down. radial field and turbulence is place at bottom with shape so when particle will reach the ground it will start moving all direction turbulence will add noise to it...