every body . I would like to introduce myself as a Technical Artist with true love and passion for 3D-Animation. I believe in technology and I am always ready to adopt it.......... I am self learner ready to share knowledge with others.
main skills are Rigging , Effects ,Mel,Fur,Hair & N-cloth.
Other skills are Animation,Modeling ,Lighting/Rendering Technique with conceptual learning.
Hobby Cricket , Net Browsing , Writing Ghazal-Hazhl-Poetry...

Feel free to mail me any time !!!!


A big thanks to Mr. Siju Thomas (Director/Mentor/Guide & Many More) for inspiring me & A big motivator, friend Mr. Satyajeet to make me enter in animation industries. Thanks to Mohamed Mihoss ( Slovenian ) student but learn lot from him & for forcing me to create blog and share knowledge with others....


****** Here is the my book for Rigging a Biped Ball character in Maya i hope you all like it...

ALL THE BEST.........**********

Next I will create Full body biped character keep following the blog...


Chain rig




Biped Rigging

Foot Rig

Arm Rig

IK-FK Switch

Finger Rig

Spin Rig

Global Controls

Luxo Lamp rig
I made this tutorials because i feel its interesting . Two Ik is used in opposite to each other.Its just a concept.I do not made global control for this because making global control for any rig is common.if any one need i will make it the final one...

Maya File Click here to Download link